Babywearing consultant



Are you a babywearing consultant?


Please contact us for a consultancy discount! Your customers also receive a discount if they order from you.


If you send us a copy of your certificate you will recieve a special discountcode.

If you are looking for a babywearing consultant in the Netherlands or Belgium you can find one at the 'Vereniging van Draagdoekconsulenten'

Dropshipping & Reselling

We like to collaborate with other companies and babywearing consultants! That is why we offer the possibility of dropshipping and reselling.



You can add our products in your webshop, or you can offer this during consultations.  When you receive an order, you place it on our webshop and we send the order directly to the customer.  This way you can use our offer, but you do not have to invest in the purchase of baby wraps or the storage of baby wraps.



You order our products for the purchase price and sell them yourself via your webshop or directly during a consultation.


Are you interested in drop shipping or reselling send an email to for more information and the conditions.

Are you interested in a different form of cooperation?  We are open to proposals. Contact us!