Dare to be different

Woven Clauds makes it possible for you to design your own woven wrap!

'Dare to be different' is a statement that best describes our team of mothers and our company.

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The design must be supplied as a vector or pdf file. It must be a seamless pattern and must be delivered at full size. The pattern must be 35 or 70 cm wide.


At this moment you can choose cotton, linen or merino wool. Depending on the colors that are available. Please contact us for availability of colors and other yarns.


Requesting information or submitting a design or idea is free and without obligation. You only pay when the minimum number of wraps has been sold. The price for a cotton wrap size 6 is € 135, -.



There must be at least 10 wraps sold in the pre-order before the wraps can go into production. The rest will be sold after weaving.

Please contact us for submitting your design or idea: info@wovenclauds.com